Choose convenience within the biggest coworking in Dwarka.

Join our community in the most convenient office locale in Dwarka. We bring to you the biggest coworking in Dwarka along with super affordable seating plans! We furnish workspaces that drive unparalleled business outcomes by meeting every business demand along with catering to personal fulfilment.


Globetrotter (Part- Time Plans)

When the world is your workspace and your work halts demand maximum productivity.

₹2500 – 3500 12 Days / Month

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When the city calls you back regularly and work flexibility and optimization aren’t an option for you.

₹9,999 – 15,000
50 Days / 6 Months

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Native Territory (Monthly Plans)

Dediacted Seat

When work demands a permanent and a premium desk, choose a desk that helps transcend targets.

₹5000 – 5500

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Flexi Seat

When work demands a flexible workspace striving for inspiration to be born anew, choose a desk on ‘first come first served’ basis.

₹4500- 5,000

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Creative Capsule (Executive Pods)

When daily work discipline requires you to own your workstation, come work with us and surpass your daily performance.

₹7000 – 8,000

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Productivity Chamber (Team Suites)

When co-ideation and co-inspiration happen naturally in an environment that oozes productivity.

Starting  from ₹12,999 – 15,000 per Seat
Monthly(4-20 Seats)

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Training Minds (Training Rooms)

Where lessons are learnt for delivering expertise and inspiration is in the air.

Per Hour / Non-Member Rate

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Assembly Cave (Meeting Rooms)

When ideas and conversations need walls around! Come bring your team or clientele for a stimulating summit.

Per Hour / Member Exclusive Rate

₹300- ₹500
Per Hour / Non-Member Rate

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Come be our guest!

In need of a workspace but only for a day? Come be our guest and leave the rest to us! Finish off your day’s work at our workspace with a day full of focus with best-in-class office supplies and high-speed internet.
₹200 – 300 
Per Day

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Night Hawk

Need a workspace to work in at night? Your search for a productively inspiring workspace ends at Workingdom! Choose your targets and hunt them down!

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Young man working on laptop at night in dark office. The designer works in the later time.

Registered & Virtual Office

Need an office address for government compliance or just a mailing address? Mark your office address in a prime location in Delhi. Connect with us today!

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Our Amenities:

Our infrastructure and culture are designed to lead you towards maintaining a healthy workforce for the best business outcomes.

–        Modern Design

–        Blazing Internet

–        Healthy Work Culture

–        Recharge Rooms

–        HR Support

–        Technical Support

–        Office Supplies

–        Valet Parking

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